Gallop into 2020 with insane topline, muscle and condition

Give your equine athlete the nutritional boost they need to step into 2020 looking and feeling their best with improved topline, more polished condition and overall boosted health and fitness.

New Year, Same Horse, Seriously Enhanced Topline

Our brand new 21 Day Kickstart Challenge will set your equine athlete on the right hoof for a goal smashing 2020!

Your 21 Day Kickstart Challenge pack will include a 21 Day Planner to
schedule your challenge workouts, a super charged muscle health supplement stack, and a Precision
Equine Supplement Shaker™ so you can combine the supplements perfectly.


The 21 Day Difference

Who Is This Challenge For?

The 21 Day Kickstart challenge is designed to be completed both in hand and under saddle, or a mixture of ridden and non-ridden work.

To participate in the 21 Day KS challenge your horse must be:

Between 4 to 16 years of age

Safe and suitable for recreational equestrian sport

Physiologically sound and healthy

While the challenge is planned for horses over four years-old, we can adapt the exercise and supplement strategy for younger horses or ponies.

Please note:

You and your horse’s welfare are our #1 priority. If the weather becomes too hot or too humid to safely exercise, or if you feel unable to continue the challenge with consistency for any reason, please contact us. We’ll discuss the best solution for you and your horse to still achieve the maximum possible benefits and results.

Your 21 Day Kickstart Challenge Pack







Your 21 Day Kickstart Challenge Workout

30 minutes       3 times a week        3 weeks

Use your 21 day kickstart challenge planner to schedule start and end dates, ride days and rest days and record workout duration

The Workout

Warm Up

10 Minutes

Pre-workout warm up to allow time for your horses breathing and heart rate to set up and blood flow to muscles increase in preparation for exercise.

Work Out

30 Minutes

  • Complete at least 10 minutes at a working trot
  • Complete at least 10 minutes of concentrated core muscle work such as pole grid work, hill work, intensive transitions and backing up

Warm Down

10 Minutes

10 minute post-workout to warm down to allow time for your horses breathing and heart rate to return to pre-workout/resting levels and redistribute blood flow to prepare for the repair and recovery process.

The Supplements


Feed one full MUSCLE MAX BAR to your horse within 15-20 minutes of completing the workout warm down.

Morning & Evening Feeds

Use your PRECISION EQUINE supplement shaker to perfectly combine your equine athletes supps before pouring directly onto hard feed.

Twice a day mix INTENSIVE TISSUE REPAIR powder 1 scoop (24g) along with any other low dose supplements (eg. Mineral and vitamin mix, salt, electrolytes, linseed oil etc) with 250 ml water in your PE supplement shaker, shake to mix thoroughly and pour over prepared hard feed. Feed immediately, 

TIP: Make sure to give your supplement shaker a REALLY good rinse out after every use and allow to dry thoroughly between uses


Share Your Results and Win

Share your 21 Day Kickstart Challenge ‘Before & After’ photos with us and you can win a MUSCLE MAX BAR 24 Pack

Ask A Question

Get in touch to ask a question about the 21 Day Kickstart Challenge or to have a chat about your horses age, sport or health goals

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