Frequently Asked Questions

Horses are typically more familiar with receiving treats in the paddock, rather than after work or around their feed time. So, you should try to introduce your horse to the Muscle Max Bar in the paddock, so the bar is already being framed as a treat.

Once your horse wraps their head and tongue around the bar, they’ll fall into a habit of receiving the bar immediately after work. They’ll probably start looking for the bar themselves and reminding you to give it to them. We know a few horses who break into their feed room to claim their bar if they haven’t received it as soon as the bridle has come off.

Sometimes when a horse first bites into our Muscle Max Bar, the new taste, texture, and the amount they need to chew can overwhelm the horse. So they just spit it out. We’ve found that 99% of the horses who first spit the bar out, actually end up eating it within three to four days. It’s all about getting them used to it.

Here are a few suggestions to get your horse familiar with the bar:

We have two core products: Muscle Max Bar and Intensive Tissue Repair Powder. These products can help your horse in different ways and depends on whether your horse is being worked or not.


The Muscle Max Bars and the best for horses in work. They give exercised muscles the protein they need to repair and rebuild — just like human athletes who have a protein shake after gym and training sessions.


Our Intensive Tissue Repair powder is more specifically for horses who are not in work, or who require significant muscle building support. This product gives them a high quality source of the essential amino acids — these support tissue repair and healing when they’re mixed into morning and evening feeds.

No the Muscle Max Bars do not heat horses up at all. If anything, they may help to calm horses down by reducing the muscle pain and fatigue — which can often be the cause of poor behaviour.

Muscle Max Bars contain no ingredients or substances that are listed in the FEI restricted, prohibited or swabbable substances regulations. These bars are 100% safe for competing horses to consume. There are many horses who are using the Muscle Max Bars who have been swabbed after competition with no issues.

So long as you’re working your horse a minimum of three times per week and feeding them the Muscle Max Bar within 15 minutes after each session, you’ll see visible topline improvement and building results within three weeks — we guarantee it.

We recommend feeding half a bar after light work or a lunging session, and feeding a full bar after heavy work or jumping sessions.

We recommend feeding half a bar after light to medium work or a lunging session, and feeding a full bar after heavy work or jumping sessions.

There are five ingredients in the Muscle Max Bars and yes, molasses in one of them. It’s a very small amount of molasses (30mls per bar). It will not heat up your horse at all, or exacerbate conditions such as: Insulin Resistance, laminitis risk, PSSM, EMS or Cushings — as long as you’re using the product correctly.

Older horses will have a harder time digesting and absorbing protein. So, the high quality and highly digestible protein provided by the Whey Protein Isolate in our Muscle Max Bars is easily absorbed by older horses’ guts. This means the protein quickly converts into muscle mass when your horse is fed immediately after exercise.

The best way for you to feed your older horse this bar is by giving them a full bar after work for the first three weeks. This will give them a big muscle building boost — really building their topline. After the first three weeks, you should only need to feed them half a bar after exercise to help maintain and steadily build more muscle.

Our Muscle Max Bars are 100% safe for use in young horses, from the age of weaning onwards. We do, however, strongly recommend only feeding half the recommended amount after each workout if your horse is young. The bars are very powerful muscle builders and it’s important to not have young horses carrying around too much extra condition, because their joints are still developing.

Yes. The Muscle Max Bars are 100% safe for horses who suffer from EMS. The sugar content of our bars is actually quite low (29g per 120g of Muscle Max Bar). Muscle Max Bars are successfully being used by horses with EMS, PSSM, and is actually being used to help some horses who suffer from Autoimmune Myositis — a genetic disease that causes muscles to atrophy.

Our Intensive Show Prep Pack is a 10 day course of Intensive Tissue Repair Powder and six Muscle Max Bars.

The Intensive Tissue Repair Powder is designed to be used for 10 consecutive days and should be mixed into morning and evening feeds. While using the powder, the Muscle Max Bar should be fed only after exercising. The dose rate is half a bar after light work or lunging, or a full bar after hard work or jumping sessions.

We provide six bars in the pack. This is calculated on an average of three hard workouts a week, or two hard and two light exercise sessions. Obviously, this will vary between individuals and their unique training regimes. The Intensive Show Prep Pack will give your horse a two week boost of super muscle building and conditioning — you’ll definitely start to see the results in that two week period. Once you and your horse have completed the 10 day course of the powder, you can use the Muscle Max Bar after training sessions. This will maintain the condition that has been built, further supporting muscle building and recovery.