How do I introduce MUSCLE MAX BAR to my horse?

Try introducing the bar when the horse is in the paddock rather than after work or around feed time as sometimes it is just the timing that throws them off and they are more used to getting treats in the paddock rather than after work.
Once they wrap their head and tongue around the bar they will get into the habit of receiving it immediately after work and will probably start looking for it and reminding you to give them the bar (We know a few horses who will break into the feed room to get their bar if their rider does not give it to them as soon as the bridle comes off ).


Below are 3 different ways you can introduce Muscle Max Bar to your horse:

01 ) The first being to cut up some Muscle Max Bar into tiny pieces (half the size of a sugar cube) and to mix a few of these in your hand with some of their normal pellet or grain feed so that the horse has a familiar taste/texture alongside the unfamiliar taste/texture (try giving him a very small handful of feed without Muscle Max Bar in it first so that they think the second handful is exactly the same as the first, trickery is sometimes a useful tool. The small pieces allow the horse to chew the bar easier and get the yummy molasses taste through their mouth. You then just reduce the amount of pellet/grain in your hand until the horse is just eating the pieces of bar. You can then increase the size of the pieces you feed until the horse is eating the bar whole (although it is still a good idea to break the bar up into 4 or 5 smaller pieces just so it is easier for them to chew).

02 ) If they are still hesitant using the pellet/grain method I recommend getting some licorice (fingers crossed he likes licorice, most horses whose best friend is food LOVE licorice) and cutting the licorice up the same size as the small pieces of Muscle Max Bar and feeding them a few little pieces of licorice then mixing the licorice and Muscle Max Bar pieces in your hand and seeing if they eat it that way.

03 ) You can also leave the pieces of Muscle Max Bar in their feed bin and see if they eat around them or ultimately eat them at all.

Don’t be surprised if your horse pulls some very funny faces or does a few flehmens response lip curls the first time they actually get the bar in their mouth, this is a very typical response to the bar the first few times they eat it. Just start out with a few small pieces each day so that you leave them wanting more, this will train them to get as much as they can while you are offering the bar and will result in a horse that happily munches away on as much of the bar as you want to give him.

We understand it seems like a lot of work to get a horse to eat a supplement (and a little frustrating as it tastes so good and has that little bit of molasses in it which is usually the go-to solution to get horses to eat/drink) but it is so worth it for the muscle building and recovery results it gives.

My horse won't eat the Muscle Max Bar, what do I do?

Sometimes when horses first bite into the Muscle Max Bar the new taste/texture/chewing requirement is a little bit overwhelming so they just spit it out. 99% of horses who first spit the bar out actually end up eating it within about 3-4 days, it’ just a matter of getting them used to it.

Below are a couple of suggestions to try to get your horses to eat the bars:

1 – Break off some very small (sugar cube sized) pieces of the bar and mix it in your hand with some of their normal pellet feed, hand feed this and see if they are happy to eat the pieces of bar mixed in with the feed. Then just reduce the amount of feed and very soon they will be eating the pieces of bar all on its own.

2 – If they won’t eat it from your hand mixed with feed then leave a few of those small pieces of bar in their feed bin on top of their feed overnight, if the pieces of bar are gone in the morning then you know that they will eat the bar, you just have to train them to do it from the hand (see point 1 ?)

3 – Soak some small pieces of the bar in warm water and then mix in with a little bit of chaff to make the bar look more like a ‘traditional’ feed, once they eat this and get the taste through their mouth put some small pieces of unsoaked bar into the mix and see if they will eat these, then just offer them the small pieces of bar from your hand.

We know this sounds like a bit of stuffing around to get them to eat the bar but the muscle building results they get from the Muscle Max Bars are truly worth the effort!

Which Precision Equine product is best for my horse?

We have 2 different products, Muscle Max Bars and Intensive Tissue Repair powder, that can help your horse in different ways, depending if he is being worked or not.

In Work

The Muscle Max Bars are best for horses in work as they give exercised muscles the protein required to repair and rebuild, just like human athletes who have a protein shake after gym and training sessions.

Check out the Muscle Max Bar range HERE

Spelling or Geriatric

Our Intensive Tissue Repair powder is more specifically for horses that are not in work or who require significant muscle building support and gives them a high quality source or Essential Amino Acids which support tissue repair and healing when mixed into the morning and evening feeds.

Check out the Intensive Tissue Repair powder?HERE

Whether your horse is in work or not, or if you have plans of bringing him into work, would determine which of these products would be better for him, but both are excellent muscle builders and you will see fantastic?results from both.

Will Muscle Max Bar make my horse hot?

The Muscle Max Bars do not heat horses up at all. If anything they may help to calm horses down by reducing the muscle pain and fatigue which can often be the cause of poor behaviour.

When should I feed MUSCLE MAX BAR?

MUSCLE MAX BAR is specifically designed to be fed within 15-20 minutes of completing each exercise session, just like a human athlete has a protein shake after a gym session, to boost muscle repair and development in response to exercise, so you only feed the Muscle Max Bars on the days you work your horse.

Does MUSCLE MAX BAR contain any FEI Prohibited Substances (will they swab)?

MUSCLE MAX BAR contain no ingredients or substances that are listed in the FEI restricted, prohibited or swabbable substances regulations and?are 100% safe for use in competition horses. Many horses who are being fed?the Muscle Max Bars have been swabbed after competition without a single issue.

How long do I have to feed MUSCLE MAX BAR to see muscle building results?

To boost incredible topline and muscle development on a horse we recommend starting out at a feeding rate of 1 full Muscle Max Bar within 15-20 mins of completing exercise for the first 3 weeks, at a minimum work rate of 3 workouts a week.

After the first 3 weeks you can either continue with the full bar feeding rate for a few more weeks if you want to build up significantly more muscle, or you can choose to drop back to the maintenance feeding rate of half a Bar after each workout to maintain the muscle that has been built and steadily build more.

How much MUSCLE MAX BAR do I feed my horse?

Feed half a Muscle Max Bar after light-medium ride/lunging sessions and a full bar after hard work/jumping sessions.

Does the MUSCLE MAX BAR contain Molasses?

There are only 5 ingredients in the bars and yes molasses is one of them but it is a very low amount of molasses (30mls per bar) and will not heat your horse up at all or exacerbate conditions such as Insulin Resistance, laminitis risk, PSSM, EMS or Cushings as long as it is used correctly ?

Will MUSCLE MAX BAR help older horses build muscle and topline?

Older horses have a harder time digesting and absorbing protein so the high quality, highly digestible protein provided by the Whey Protein Isolate in the Muscle Max Bar is very easily absorbed by the older horses gut and is quickly converted into muscle mass when fed immediately after exercise. The best way for you to use the Muscle Max Bar with your older horse is to give him a full bar after work for the first 3 weeks to give him a big muscle building boost and really get that top line built up, after these first 3 weeks you will only need to feed half a bar after exercise to maintain and steadily build more muscle.

Can you feed MUSCLE MAX BAR to young horses in show prep?

Muscle Max Bars are 100% safe for use in young horses from the age of weaning onwards. ?We do?however strongly recommend that you only feed half the recommended feeding rate?after each workout as the bars are very powerful muscle builders and it is very important not to have young horses carrying too much extra condition as their joints are still developing.

Can MUSCLE MAX BAR be fed to ponies with EMS?

The Muscle Max Bars are 100% safe for use in horses who suffer from EMS as the sugar content of the bar is actually quite low (29g per 120g Muscle Max Bar). The bars are being successfully used buy horses with EMS, PSSM and is even helping some horses who are suffering from Auto Immune Myositis (a genetic disease which causes the muscles to atrophy).

How do I use the INTENSIVE SHOW PREP pack?

The Intensive Show Prep pack contains a 10 day course of Intensive Tissue Repair powder and 6 x Muscle Max Bars.

The Intensive Tissue Repair powder is used for 10 consecutive days and mixed into the morning and evening feeds. At the same time as using the powder, the Muscle Max Bar is fed only after exercise at a dose rate if half a bar after light work/lunging sessions and a full bar after hard work/jumping sessions.

The 6 bars in the pack is calculated on the average of 3 hard workouts a week or 2 hard and 2 light sessions, of course this will vary for each individual and their unique training regime. The Intensive Show Prep pack gives your horse a two week super boost of muscle building and conditioning and you will definitely start to see results in that 2 week period. Once you have completed the 10 day course of the powder you just use the Muscle Max Bar after training sessions to maintain the condition that has been built and further support muscle building and recovery.

We hope that this information helps but if you have any questions or need any more information please do not hesitate to contact us by:

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