Intensive Tissue Repair

Available for shipping within Australia only.

bullet_1 Combination of the highest grade Whey Protein Concentrate and Rice Protein Concentrate over 80% protein.

bullet_1 Concentrated source of the proteins essential for supporting optimum skin, muscle, hoof and tissue repair and regeneration after injury, surgery and illness.

bullet_1 10 day treatment pack delivers powerful, short termprotein supplementation providing 32 grams of high quality protein per day.

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Mix powders directly into the feed. Repeat twice a day, morning and evening.


bullet_1Whey Protein Concentrate – 2 scoops (10g)

bullet_1Rice Protein Concentrate – 1 scoop (10g)


bullet_1Whey Protein Concentrate – 1 scoop (5g)

bullet_1Rice Protein Concentrate – scoop (5g)


bullet_1A complete, high-quality protein, containing the full suite of essential amino acids

bullet_1Easily digested and absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract

bullet_1Rich in the branched-chain amino acid (BCAA) Leucine - the most growth-promoting (anabolic) of the amino acids

bullet_1One of the highest quality vegetable based protein sources available, containing the full suite of essential amino acids

bullet_1100% Lactose free

bullet_1Rich in the Essential Amino Acid Lysine - plays an important role in the building and maintenance of skeletal muscle tissue.

Serving Size : 10g | Servings per package: 20
Amino Acid g/10
Alanine 0.49
Arginine 0.21
Aspartic Acid 1.08
Cystine 0.21
Glutamic Acid 1.67
Glycine 0.18
Histidine 0.22
Isoleucine 0.58
Leucine 1.02
Lysine 0.96
Methionine 0.19
Phenylalanine 0.33
Proline 0.58
Serine 0.47
Threonine 0.72
Tryptophan o.21
Tyrosine 0.18
Valine 0.58
Serving Size : 10g | Servings per package: 20
Amino Acid g/10
Alanine 0.43
Arginine 0.61
Aspartic Acid 0.68
Cystine 0.16
Glutamic Acid 1.35
Glycine 0.34
Histidine 0.17
Isoleucine 0.34
Leucine 0.62
Lysine 0.21
Methionine 0.23
Phenylalanine 0.41
Proline 0.36
Serine 0.38
Threonine 0.28
Tryptophan 0.11
Tyrosine 0.62
Valine 0.45