Join Team Precision

Precision Equine Ambassadors are selected from our customers who have been consistently using the Muscle Max Bars for a minimum of 3 months and have engaged with us regularly over that time in the form of testimonials, before & after photos and social media engagement on both Facebook and Instagram. This ensures that the Ambassador has a genuine relationship with the products and believes in their efficacy before we engage in an Ambassador relationship, as well as allowing us to assess the level, type, and consistency of engagement we can expect from the Ambassador.

If you would like to become a Precision Equine Ambassador we encourage you to try the Muscle Max Bar with your performance horses for a while to ensure that you truly believe the product produces results for your horses and to communicate with us about the results you see by posting directly to our Facebook and Instagram platforms as well as posting about your opinions and the results you see from the bars on your own social media platforms so we can assess your potential as a social influencer and monitor the level of engagement your social media activity generates from your followers.

Each year we receive a very large number of requests from people wishing to become Precision Equine Ambassadors and as much as we would love to try and support everyone, we have to limit our commitment to a selected team! We are looking for candidates who are successful in their chosen discipline, well connected and respected in their equine community.

All the best,
The Precision Equine Team