Kaitlin Colless

Name : Kaitlin Colless

Discipline : Dressage

Competition Horses :

Remi Double Jeopardy (aka DJ) currently competing Medium/Advanced
Sevenoaks Romanov (aka Oscar) currently competing Elementary

Why Kaitlin LOVES Muscle Max Bar:

I initially started to use the Precision Equine Muscle Max Bars in 2016 to help my gelding to recover from intensive dressage training sessions, and to aid in the development of topline building. I was overwhelmed by the feeling in him after just 10 days, he was quicker to warmup, wasn’t struggling with the collected work and I was getting so much more from each session. Within 4 weeks the difference in his outline was noticeable and at 8 weeks he was significantly stronger across the back!!! I was so impressed by the product I put all my horses on the bars, and I also noticed a huge difference in the muscle development in the youngsters just starting out under saddle. The shine that it gave my horses was just a bonus, and now this product is a staple in my business in training and selling dressage horses.