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Unwrapped protein bar for horses

Get these incredible topline & muscle building results for your horse!

Extremely happy with our results. Thanks for developing such brilliant products!!


We started to see results with 2 weeks of starting to feed the Precision products. My gelding wants to work and no longer gets fatigued and the products have been great for his recovery.


I’ve never seen muscle build so fast in just 2 weeks! It’s made a massive difference and didn’t even make my girl go fizzy at all.


This was our first time purchasing the Muscle Max bars, but after seeing how quickly they work to build healthy weight and muscle, we will definitely be buying again!

Shannon & Tameika

I love having my horses show ready and it is a fast and effective way to prep them in minimal time. This is the least I have ever had to feed my horses to achieve great results in such a short time.


My poor boy has had a rough trot the past few months dropping 90kgs in 2 weeks after a nasty bout of colic. I personally attribute a large portion of his speedy recovery and ability to be able to build so much muscle in his recovery period to the bars!! He's gone from 415kg to 494kg in the space of a few months and has built so much topline.


Introducing Your Horse to Muscle Max Bar

Introduce Muscle Max Bar to your horse when they are relaxing in the yard or stable as you would a treat. Break off small pieces of Muscle Max Bar and hand feed them to horse as you would a sugar cube, allowing the horse to adjust to the texture of the bar. If your horse is still hesitant to eat the Muscle Max Bar, below are a few suggestions to help get your horses to eat the bars:


Break up some very small, sugar cubed-sized pieces of the bar. Mix the piece in your hand with some of their usual pellet feed. Then, hand feed your horse and see if they’re happy to eat the pieces of the bar this way. If they are, then slowly reduce the amount of feed mixed in. Soon, they’ll be eating the bar on its own. If this doesn’t work, try using some liquorice, or another treat you know your horse loves. Cut the treat up the same size as the pieces of the bar and mix them together in your hand, hand feed them again this way.


If your horse won’t eat it from your hand at all. Then leave a few of the small pieces of the bar on top of their feed in their feed bin overnight. In the morning, if the pieces of bar are gone, then you know that they will eat the bar, you just have to train them to eat it from your hand now.


If you have another horse nearby that you know loves the taste of the Muscle Max Bar, feed that horse while yours misses out. If your horse is easily motivated by jealousy then this is an acceptable way to get them to eat the bar.


Soak small pieces of the Muscle Max Bar in warm water. Then, mix the pieces in with a little bit of chaff, making the bar look more like traditional horse feed. Once they eat this and get the taste through their mouth, put some small pieces of unsoaked bar into the mix. See if they’ll eat the unsoaked bar, if they do, then offer the small pieces of bar from your hand.