Muscle Max Bar


bullet_1 Build muscle and topline fast

bullet_1 Increase performance stamina

bullet_1 Support muscle repair and recovery.

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Muscle Max BarTM is the first ever protein bar specifically designed for immediate post-exercise feeding to equine athletes. Muscle Max Bar provides a convenient, easy to feed and highly palatable dose of the functional and structural proteins scientifically proven to support muscle recovery and repair after high intensity exercise and performance.

When fed immediately after exercise or performance Muscle Max Bar provides equine athletes with the building blocks (Amino Acids) required for muscle repair, recovery and rebuilding.

When fed 30-45 minutes prior to exercise or performance Muscle Max Bar provides equine athletes with Branched Chain Amino Acids (Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine) which are proven to support athletic performance stamina and reduce the risk of tying-up.

Muscle Max Bar  eliminates the inconvenience of traditional protein powders that require measuring, mixing with feed or drenching over the tongue, just unwrap and feed.



For optimum results feed Muscle Max Bar to your horse or pony within 15 minutes of completing exercise.


bullet_1Light work/lunging – half Muscle Max Bar

bullet_1Heavy work/jumping – full Muscle Max Bar


bullet_1Light work/lunging – quarter Muscle Max Bar

bullet_1Heavy work/jumping – half Muscle Max Bar

IMPORTANT: To see visible muscle building and conditioning results within 3 weeks, feed the Heavy Work feeding rate at least 3 times a week.


Introduce Muscle Max Bar to your horse when they are relaxing in the yard or stable as you would a treat.
Break off small pieces of Muscle Max Bar and hand feed to horse as you would a sugar cube to allow the horse to adjust to the texture of the bar.
If your horse is hesitant to eat the Muscle Max Bar below are a couple of suggestions to try to get your horses to eat the bars:

1 – Break off some very small (sugar cube sized) pieces of the bar and mix it in your hand with some of their normal pellet feed, hand feed this and see if they are happy to eat the pieces of bar mixed in with the feed. Then just reduce the amount of feed and very soon they will be eating the pieces of bar all on its own. If they are still hesitant using the pellet/grain method try using some liquorice or another treat that they love and cutting the liquorice up the same size as the small pieces of Muscle Max Bar and feeding them a few little pieces of liquorice then mixing the liquorice and Muscle Max Bar pieces in your hand and seeing if they eat it that way.

2 – If they wont eat it from your hand mixed with feed then leave a few of those small pieces of bar in their feed bin on top of their feed overnight, if the pieces of bar are gone in the morning then you know that they will eat the bar, you just have to train them to do it from the hand (see point 1)

3 – Soak some small pieces of the bar in warm water and then mix in with a little bit of chaff to make the bar look more like a traditional feed, once they eat this and get the taste through their mouth put some small pieces of unsoaked bar into the mix and see if they will eat these, then just offer them the small pieces of bar from your hand.

4 – if you have another horse nearby that loves the taste of the Muscle Max Bar feeding the other horse bits of bar as a treat while your horse misses out (and watches his friend get treats) is not an entirely unacceptable way to get your horse to eat the bars if he is motivated by jealousy.


bullet_1Stimulates insulin production to draw protein into muscles

bullet_1Makes Muscle Max Bar highly palatable

bullet_1Highest quality natural source of protein available

bullet_1Rich in Branched Chain Amino Acids essential for muscle repair

bullet_1Major structural component of muscle

bullet_1Provides building blocks for muscle building

bullet_1Pepitas give Muscle Max Bar a crunchy texture and encourage chewing

bullet_1Sesame seed paste binds the ingredients in Muscle Max Bar together


Nutrient Analysis

Serving Size: 120g – 1 Bar



g/ Per 120g Bar
Energy (MJ) 2.22
Protein 54.51
– Total 15.09
– Sugars 29.24
Fibre 2.11
Calcium (mg) 483.77
Sodium (mg) 222.32

Amino Acid Profile

Serving Size: 120g – 1 Bar



Amino Acid g/ Per 120g Bar
L-Glutamine 27.942
Leucine 3.4596
Lysine 2.652
Valine 1.6332
Isoleucine 1.5828
Threonine 1.4352
Phenylalanine 1.236
Methionine 0.702
Tryptophan 0.6888