Megan Cheeseman

Name: Megan Cheeseman
Discipline: Dressage
Currently Competiting: Gleneagles Giorgio – Medium/Advanced
Why Megan Cheeseman Loves Muscle Max Bars
Now that Giorgio is in full dressage training he has to use his body more and is worked harder and more consistently so he requires more protein in his diet to support this. Although he is a good doer he does needs that extra ingredient to get that final blossom. He is also a sensitive boy so pumping him full of high protein feed is not an option as he would get quite hot delicate fizzy mind. This is why the Muscle Max Bar is perfect for him, he gets a concentrated dose of protein and nutrients at the time he needs it most in one simple treat. Its perfect. This way his body uses the protein to repair and build instead of storing the protein and energy like he would if he was continuously being fed a high protein feeds that build up his energy, making him hard to work.
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