Ruslan Petkov

Name: Ruslan Petkov
Discipline: Showjumping
Currently Competiting: Corelli – 7yr 17.2hh Oldenburg Warmblood stallion. Currently competing 1.40m
Eurovision Chaccolino (Chino) – 6yr 16.2hh Warmblood gelding. Currently competing 1.35m.
Salire Castella (Stella) – 5yr 17.1hh Warmblood mare. Currently competing 1.05m
Why Ruslan Petkov Loves Muscle Max Bars
We have been blown away by the results weve experienced using Precision Equines Muscle Max Bar, they are the perfect muscle building & repair supplement and we dare not jump or compete the horses without them. We couldn’t be happier about how our horses are feeling and performing, they feel great, recover much more quickly & are less stiff/lethargic after strenuous work or competition. They are also looking amazing in terms of top line and overall musculature. We can’t recommend them highly enough!
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