Precision Results

I am absolutely thrilled with the progress that my gelding has shown over the past 6 weeks from feeding from him the Muscle Max Bars and Intensive Tissue Repair powder. I have been giving him 1/3 of a bar after work and the powder in his morning and evening feeds and seriously the change is amazing! He loves the taste of the bars too! It's the first thing he looks for after a workout! He actually picks it over a banana and he LOVES bananas!"


I just wanted to share what Muscle Max Bar has achieved for me and my ride. 'Nero' is a fairly young OTTB belonging to my Cousin, ridden by me. Last summer, Nero got a pretty debilitating bout of Rye Grass Staggers and I've since not been able to redevelop his muscles enough to progress with him. He has been hitting a point in his exercise only about 20 minutes in where he can't seem to physically continue using his body. In consultation with Precision Equine, I have put him on a Muscle Max Bars fed before and after work, which is slightly different to the recommended method, to cater to his particular problems. Almost instantly I got more out of him and he is now able to do a full-length workout and recover with ease. The instant delivery of protein at the time that he needs it has been exactly what we were after and now he is a powerful, willing young horse with a very bright future. With less than 3 weeks between photos, the muscle transformation particularly around his shoulder is clear, and he is a far nicer colour now! One happy pilot and one happy horse. Thanks guys!!


Hey Team Precision, I just wanted to what results of my horse Rain "Squishy" two weeks in 😍😍 looking amazing! Thank you so much!


I am beyond happy with the results after just two weeks of feeding half a Muscle Max Bar after each workout! He went from a skinny and under muscled OTT Thoroughbred to a happy, shiny, healthy horse, more so much more coverage over his rump and ribs!!! He absolutely loves his bars and look for them post ride! 🍫🦄 I can’t wait to see more improvements and continue to use these super products! 😍


‘Crafty is rising 20 this year, competing Novice Dressage and training Elementary/Medium. He was a high-level showjumper in a previous life, resulting in osteoarthritis in his hocks, which the vets manage with yearly cortisone, and is also very long backed, which makes it very difficult to put topline on. These photos were taken 3 weeks apart with the Muscle Max Bars and Intensive Tissue Repair powder, he also has some sacroiliac changes, but the gluteal muscles have started to fill out nicely. The first photo was after a two-month spell, so it’s only been light work over the last 3 weeks. My coach also told me she didn’t recognise him when I came for my first lesson after his spell. I gave her the empty bar packet and said that’s why! I’m keen to see how he changes with the Muscle Max Bars when back in full work. Our first comp for the year is in a month and we aim to be competing Elementary by June. He gets super impatient with me when I don’t get his bar quick enough!!


I am very very impressed with the difference I can see in Giorgio when I go up for my next ride after he has had a Muscle Max Bar after the previous ride. It’s quite amazing how much more toned and round he looks a day or so after the bar to when he doesn’t get one. It is so easy to feed him a bar instead of syringing liquid into their mouth. I cannot believe that a product can work so well and show results virtually overnight!


Thank you so much for your amazing products! Another of our horses thriving thanks to the Intensive Tisse Repair powder and Muscle Max Bars!! This guy was straight off-the-track in the first photo and within only a month he has built so much roundness and the hindquarter he has built is amazing 💙💎💪🏻🤩


Hey guys. I really want to give your product “Muscle Max Bar” a massive shout out and a THANK YOU! My gelding has just transformed from a skinny under-muscled butt to a lovely toned bum. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!


Hey Team Precision, hope you're well! Just wanted to send you this. While the photo on the left was taken at the end of Jan this year when I bought her and the photo on the right yesterday, so unfortunately not a '6 week improvement' or anything spectacular length wise it's still a huge eye opener for me. Still have a bit to go condition wise across the neck and such but I'm sure it'll come pretty quick/easily with the bars! Without the Precision Equine products I wouldn't have been able to give her the protein boost she needed to really start picking up and building muscle. She's been out of work for over a month due to an injury and just been back in work for maybe 3 weeks now and I couldn't have bought her back in like I did if it wasn't for the Muscle Max Bars. Thanks to the topline she's building we will actually have a back to put a side saddle on her in August which is super exciting! I'll need to pop through an order soon. I though I'd run out of bars but found some I must have stashed somewhere when we moved house (much to my horses relief!). So again, thank you for making such awesome products!


Hi Precision Equine I want to thank you for everything you have done for me in the past 3 weeks I have used the Muscle Max Bar on my mare and have seen amazing results and I just wanted to share my results with you. She looks amazing and feels it as well and she absolutely loves eating them after every workout! I never thought it would be possible to achieve such huge results in such a short period of time, I am completely blown away. The Muscle Max Bars are amazing and they truly work!


We put Chester on the Precision Equine Muscle Max Bar & Intensive Tissue Repair to give him a concentrated protein boost. 3 weeks difference from the top and bottom photo. These two photos are a great example of how incredible this product is and how quickly it works.

Trudy & Brooke

Hey just thought I would touch base with you and let you know how pleased we are with the protein bars and send you a little glow up photo of what a difference these have made to one of our ponies. It’s amazing the difference a few months can make! We have just brought back into work another of our ponies so will get some before and after photos of him also. So excited to see his transformation! We started with a 33 pack and just about finished them and ready to order another 33


I cannot believe the results that we have had with the Muscle Max Bars in 6 weeks. Cowboy was a typically gangly looking stockhorse x gelding - an absolute noodle of a horse, I cannot explain the wonders this bar has done for his muscle development - he looks the best he ever has! He has started developing a crest, and has a giant 🍑 bum! He has developed more topline in the 6 weeks since being on Muscle Max Bars than he ever has before. It is absolutely incredible! It is our go to post-workout snack and Cowboy LOVES the taste, I can't think of a better way to reward your horse and their body after a days training


We have been using the muscle max bars throughout our Newcomers Show Prep and are SO thrilled with how our young horse is coming up in this time, he looks incredible, seems happier in himself and is recovering so well after work. He is performing exceptionally winning ribbons at HOTY and The Perth Royal 🌟 He absolutely loves them and is so funny when it comes to his magic bars, will try to steal them out of the tack box 😂


Thank you so much for such an awesome product! In 3 weeks the Muscle Max Bars have made a big difference already, he's getting a more rounded bum and his topline is building really well! Usually takes me ages to get his muscle back after a break!! I'm excited to see how much more improvement he has in his muscle tone and his energy!


To say I'm super happy with the results in such a short time of using the Muscle Max Bar and Intensive Tissue Repair is an understatement!! I have always struggled to put genuine top line on my boy, mainly due to some conformational faults. So therefore I have always just hidden them with more weight. These photos are taken 3 weeks apart and there is a massive improvement. The side on pics show how he has just generally toned up underneath and gained muscle over his loins. I truly love this product and it is a credit to you, along with your amazing customer service. PS a little bit of the Muscle Max Bar works wonders for long necks and pricked up ears in led classes!!


I just wanted to say such a big THANK YOU to the Precision Equine products! Within 3-4 weeks of using your products my boy is already looking show worthy and I can’t wait to see how he looks in a few more weeks!


Hi, I dropped into your stall at Elysian Fields a few months ago! I decided to go with the Precision Muscle Bars as my horse was quite skinny and looking dull. I fed him 1/2 a bar after my flat work 4 times a week and 1 bar after jumping once a week. ! He looks and feels absolutely incredible. I would just like to thank you very much for the product and share some photos of his progress.


Just thought I would send through some quick before and after pics Very happy with the attitude change and condition since she started the bars! She used to get tense throughout work and then at the end of the session wouldn't relax and walk on a loose rein, now, even after a jumping session she just drops her head and walks quietly round. Also on the ground when tacking up she was always a little "marey" and slightly pushy to deal with, but that is completely gone now, only time she gets demanding is when she hears me unwrap her protein bar!!


Frankie came to us in drought conditions and for a big guy at 17hh building up his topline and muscles were so important to us to get him back to a healthy condition. Through a good diet and the Intensive Tissue Repair powder and Muscle Max Bars this guys condition picked up within as little as a few days and we noticed an outstanding difference with only light work in the first couple of weeks to help build him up. Within a month this guy was back to looking like a million dollars again 💙 The high quality protein in the Precision products helped him develop muscle and topline again and also helped with previous muscle concerns he had experienced. So THANK YOU Precision Equine for helping this guy progress so much within the last month


I know I've raved about your bars in the past but they are truly amazing! My poor boy has had a rough trot the past few months dropping 90kgs in 2 weeks loosing most of his coat and having a nasty bout of colic 😭 there was a point I thought we were going to lose him 💔 thankfully on the road back to recovery, with a lot of hard work and endless amounts of effort he's back to his normal self. I personally attribute a large portion of his speedy recovery and ability to be able to build so much muscle in his recovery period to the bars!! He's gone from 415kg to 494kg in the space of a few months and has built so much topline. Can honestly not Thank you enough!


This girl has had the Intensive Tissue Repair powder and Muscle Max Bars to begin with. Now she has one Muscle Max Bar a day. She had been on the Muscle Max Bars and Repair powder for three weeks, it has only taken that amount of time to have her looking amazing!😊 I love having my horses show ready and it is a fast and effective way to prep them in minimal time. This is the least I have ever had to feed my horses to achieve great results in such a short time.


Here are the original photos from Julian's transformation! The photos are only 8 weeks apart with the most recent photo taken on Sunday the 10th of March. Julian is also only in light work and has been having approx 1.5 - 2 bars a week. This was our first time purchasing the Muscle Max bars, but after seeing how quickly they work to build healthy weight and muscle, we will definitely be buying again!

Shannon & Tameika

I want to say thank you guys for such an awesome product! I’ve never seen muscle build so fast in just 2 weeks! It’s made a massive difference and didn’t even make my girl go fizzy at all. She loved the bars to point where I went to give her a carrot instead, she just looked at me and walked away 😂🤷🏼‍♀‍


We were looking for complete care for our horses’ muscles, ligaments and tendons to help carry them through to their late ridden years. We also wanted a product that would help my gelding with his recovery from Ross River Fever and my filly with her recovery from a stifle injury. We didn’t just want a band aid solution for our horses, we are big believers that you need great nutrients whether it be for the body structure or the gut for them to compete in the show ring to the best of their ability, we found that the Precision Equine Muscle Max Bars and Intensive Tissue Repair powder gave us exactly what we were looking for. We started to see results with 2 weeks of starting to feed the products to both of my horses. My gelding wants to work and no longer gets fatigued, which is a blessing as he suffered really badly from the RRV, the Precision products have been great for his recovery. My filly isn’t locking up in the stifle at all, her ability to keep to her work program is a relief as she does enjoy her work/learning session and she has recovered from the injury to the point we are now breaking her in for her ridden career. We noticed both horses were eager to train without fatigue or pain. Their attention span was greater & they seemed to take more into their training session. We also noticed they didn’t need time off in between training sessions as they would need time off in between training days prior to being on the Precision Equine products. We definitely recommend the Precision Equine products to our clients & friends for their horse’s needs, whether it be for everyday body/muscle health or for the show ring. This is a product that all horses regardless of discipline should be on. We are very happy & loyal Precision Equine customers for life!’


I’m beyond happy with the muscle building results my 9yo OTTB has achieved on the the Mega Muscle builder pack, with such little effort too as the powder was on and off due to weather and I’ve only used 3 of the bars. Super light training as well. This is his muscle development over a month. Extremely happy with our results. Thanks for developing such brilliant products!!