Results & Reviews

I am absolutely thrilled with the progress that my gelding has shown, seriously the change is amazing! He loves the taste of the bars too!


Almost instantly I got more out of him and he is now able to do a full-length workout and recover with ease. After 3 weeks the muscle transformation particularly around his shoulder is clear.


In only 2 weeks he looks amazing!


after just two weeks of feeding half a Muscle Max Bar after each workout he went from a skinny and under muscled OTT Thoroughbred to having so much more coverage over his rump and ribs!!! He absolutely loves his MMBars and looks for them post ride!


My coach told me she didn’t recognise him when I came for my lesson!


I am very very impressed with the difference. I cannot believe that a product can work so well and show results virtually overnight!


This guy was straight off-the-track and within only a month he has built so much roundness and the hindquarter he has built is amazing!


My gelding has just transformed from a skinny under-muscled butt to a lovely toned bum. Thank you Thank you Thank you!!


She's been out of work for over a month due to an injury and just been back in work for maybe 3 weeks now and I couldn't have bought her back in like I did if it wasn't for the Muscle Max Bars.


I never thought it would be possible to achieve such huge results in such a short period of time! She looks amazing and feels it as well and she absolutely loves eating them after every workout!


Chester after 3 weeks on the Precision products, shows how incredible these products are and how quickly they work.

Trudy & Brooke

We are so pleased with the protein bars. It’s amazing the difference a few months can make!


I cannot believe the results that we have had with the Muscle Max Bars. He has developed more topline in the 6 weeks since being on Muscle Max Bars than ever before. It is absolutely incredible and he LOVES the taste!


We are SO thrilled with how our young horse is coming up on the Muscle Max Bars, he looks incredible, seems happier in himself and is recovering so well after work.


In 3 weeks the Muscle Max Bars have made a big difference already, he's getting a more rounded bum and his topline is building really well! Usually takes me ages to get his muscle back after a break!!


I have always struggled to put genuine top line on my boy so to say I'm super happy with the results in such a short time is an understatement!!


Within 3-4 weeks of using your products my boy is already looking show worthy!


He looks and feels absolutely incredible!


Very happy with the attitude change and condition since she started the bars! Now, even after a jumping session she just drops her head and walks quietly round.


This guys condition picked up within as little as a few days and we noticed an outstanding difference with only light work in the first couple of weeks!


My poor boy has had a rough trot the past few months dropping 90kgs in 2 weeks after a nasty bout of colic. I personally attribute a large portion of his speedy recovery and ability to be able to build so much muscle in his recovery period to the bars!! He's gone from 415kg to 494kg in the space of a few months and has built so much topline.


I love having my horses show ready and it is a fast and effective way to prep them in minimal time. This is the least I have ever had to feed my horses to achieve great results in such a short time.


This was our first time purchasing the Muscle Max bars, but after seeing how quickly they work to build healthy weight and muscle, we will definitely be buying again!

Shannon & Tameika

I’ve never seen muscle build so fast in just 2 weeks! It’s made a massive difference and didn’t even make my girl go fizzy at all.


We started to see results with 2 weeks of starting to feed the Precision products. My gelding wants to work and no longer gets fatigued and the products have been great for his recovery.


Extremely happy with our results. Thanks for developing such brilliant products!!