‘Crafty is rising 20 this year, competing Novice Dressage and training Elementary/Medium. He was a high-level showjumper in a previous life, resulting in osteoarthritis in his hocks, which the vets manage with yearly cortisone, and is also very long backed, which makes it very difficult to put topline on. These photos were taken 3 weeks apart with the Muscle Max Bars and Intensive Tissue Repair powder, he also has some sacroiliac changes, but the gluteal muscles have started to fill out nicely. The first photo was after a two-month spell, so it’s only been light work over the last 3 weeks. My coach also told me she didn’t recognise him when I came for my first lesson after his spell. I gave her the empty bar packet and said that’s why! I’m keen to see how he changes with the Muscle Max Bars when back in full work. Our first comp for the year is in a month and we aim to be competing Elementary by June. He gets super impatient with me when I don’t get his bar quick enough!!
Ellie -
Leeton NSW

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Unwrapped protein bar for horses
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