I just wanted to share what Muscle Max Bar has achieved for me and my ride. ‘Nero’ is a fairly young OTTB belonging to my Cousin, ridden by me. Last summer, Nero got a pretty debilitating bout of Rye Grass Staggers and I’ve since not been able to redevelop his muscles enough to progress with him. He has been hitting a point in his exercise only about 20 minutes in where he can’t seem to physically continue using his body. In consultation with Precision Equine, I have put him on a Muscle Max Bars fed before and after work, which is slightly different to the recommended method, to cater to his particular problems. Almost instantly I got more out of him and he is now able to do a full-length workout and recover with ease. The instant delivery of protein at the time that he needs it has been exactly what we were after and now he is a powerful, willing young horse with a very bright future. With less than 3 weeks between photos, the muscle transformation particularly around his shoulder is clear, and he is a far nicer colour now! One happy pilot and one happy horse. Thanks guys!!
Julia -
Frankston VIC

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