Optimise your health at every moment of your day and night
Bottle of supplements for riders


♥ Help reduce tiredness and fatigue

♥ Increase Focus/Reduce nervousness

♥ Improve endurance and stamina

♥ Improve quality of sleep


Day in and day out passionate equestrians commit time, energy, focus and effort into achieving their goals and making their equine partners life as comfortable as possible, including using treatments and supplements to boost health and vitality.

The Koekibar EQUE Supplements for Riders range has been developed specifically for the unique challenges of equestrian life and competition.  From tiredness and nervousness and sleepless nights to muscle soreness and lack of focus.

The EQUE Performance Pack provides the full suite of Koekibar Supplements for Riders to optimise your health at every moment of your day and night:

EQUE BOOST (30 pack)

Give Yourself an Energy Boost – It’s not only the horse who has to work hard! As all equestrians know, getting the best from your steed means having to put in a lot of work and energy. But what if you’re climbing into the saddle feeling sluggish and drained?

Eque Boost is a supplement replete with all the B vitamins you’ll need to perform at your peak. Cut down on tiredness and give yourself a natural boost of energy.

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A calm, focused rider = a calm, focused horse. All riders need to be at the top of their game when it comes to reaction times and spatial awareness. What’s more, unfocused, nervous riders are more likely to transfer such behaviour to their horses.

Eque Focus is a fantastic supplement which allows you to retain that quick-fire mental stability equestrians are known for. Reduce your nerves and sharpen your focus – for speed, stability and safety alike.

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As well as having plenty of endurance, all equestrians must be physically fit and strong. It takes more strength to ride a horse than many might imagine. Therefore, you’ll need a diet full of healthy energy-boosting nutrients, and you’ll need to work on your core strength.

Eque Physique gives you a real boost to your stamina, endurance and overall strength. You may find these supplements help you train harder, for longer. Providing you know your own strength; this supplement might just be an asset to your routine.

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Equestrians need an awful lot of stamina. They also need plenty of healthy, restful sleep! Therefore, if you’re not getting at least seven hours of sleep in per ride, it may be time to supplement your diet. What’s more, if your muscles are aching regularly, it’s time to change things up a little.

Eque Recovery is a true stamina-booster. It’ll help equestrians get better sleep quality night after night, and what’s more, it may even boost your metabolic rate. You’ll also find your muscles may start feeling less strained and tired.

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