Intensive Tissue Repair

Promote healthier skin, hooves, and most importantly, muscle in your horse with our Intensive Tissue Repair powder.

Intensive Tissue Repair

Intensive Tissue Repair is a combination of the highest grade of Whey Protein Concentrate and Rice Protein Concentrate. It’s a concentrated source of the proteins your horse needs for optimum skin, hooves, and muscle. This product is perfect for boosting muscle and after-exercise recovery in a healthy horse. It’s also amazing for tissue repair and regeneration, particularly after injury, illness, or surgery.

  • Support tissue repair, recovery, and regeneration
  • Promote healthier skin, hooves, and muscle
  • Provide your horse with powerful protein supplementation

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Why Intensive Tissue Repair?

Intensive Tissue Repair is recommended for working and performance horses requiring intensive muscle mass gain support and spelling horses recovering from severe emaciation, surgical procedures, wounds, muscle damage and hoof injury.

When body tissues are injured or damaged the horses nutrient requirements for Essential Amino Acids increase significantly as they are required to construct the protein building blocks for repair and regeneration of damaged tissues. If inadequate amounts of the Essential Amino Acids are provided by the diet healing processes may be delayed and the quality of the new tissue growth may be compromised.

Intensive Tissue Repair provides a highly concentrated source of the Essential Amino Acids required by the body to repair and regenerate damaged tissues.

  • Intensive Tissue Repair combines 2 ‘Gold Standard’ protein concentrates which provide the most concentrated source of Essential Amino Acids available.
  • Intensive Tissue Repair contains 100% active ingredients with zero fillers.
  • Intensive Tissue Repair is 100% swab safe and competition legal with zero withholding period.

The 500G treatment pack is recommended for horses in the immediate post-injury phase when a high quality dietary protein source is required to provide the physical building blocks for wound healing.

The 1.5KG pack is recommended for use as a long-term supplement to support muscle mass maintenance for horses in low or no work.

Feeding Guide for Horses and Ponies

Mix these powders into horse feed morning and night after horse experiences injury, illness, or surgery to boost their tissue repair and muscle.


Whey Protein Concentrate

2 Scoops (10g)

Rice Protein Concentrate

1 Scoop (5g)


Whey Protein Concentrate​

1 Scoops (5g)

Heavy Work / Jumping

1 Scoops (5g)

How our Intensive Tissue Repair will boost your horse’s performance


This is the key to promoting growth in your horse and their muscles. It’s a complete, high quality protein that contains the full suite of essential amino acids. Particularly, this powder is rich in branched-chain amino acid (BCAA), Leucine. Leucine is the most anabolic amino acid, which means it’s the most growth-promoting. It’s easily digested and absorbed by your horse’s gastrointestinal tract.


This protein is the key to building and maintaining your horse’s skeletal muscle tissue. It’s a high quality, vegetable-based protein source that also contains the full suite of amino acids. This powder is especially rich in lysine, another essential amino acid for your horse. Lysine plays an essential role in the building and maintaining of your horse’s skeletal muscle tissue.

Nutrient Analysis

Serving Size: 120g – 1 Bar
g/ Per 120g Bar
Energy (MJ) 2.22
Protein 54.51
– Total 15.09
– Sugars 29.24
Fibre 2.11
Calcium (mg) 483.77
Sodium (mg) 222.32

Amino Acid Profile

Serving Size: 120g – 1 Bar
Amino Acid g/ Per 120g Bar
L-Glutamine 27.942
Leucine 3.4596
Lysine 2.652
Valine 1.6332
Isoleucine 1.5828
Threonine 1.4352
Phenylalanine 1.236
Methionine 0.702
Tryptophan 0.6888

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