Mega Muscle Builder Pack

The ULTIMATE strategy for maximum muscle and condition building RESULTS!

Mega Muscle Builder Pack

Muscle Max Bar 12PK
Intensive Tissue Repair 1.35KG

These 2 synergistic Branched Chain & Essential Amino Acid packed products work together to feed topline muscle mass gain and support extreme muscle development,  without making your horse hot or fizzy at all.

Why Mega Muscle Builder Pack?

The ULTIMATE strategy for maximum muscle and condition building RESULTS!


These 2 synergistic Branched Chain & Essential Amino Acid packed products work together to feed topline muscle mass gain and support extreme muscle development,  without making your horse hot or fizzy at all.

To help your equine athlete achieve maximum muscle building results in minimum time, use the ‘heavy work’ dose of MUSCLE MAX BAR for the first 4 weeks then reduce maintenance feeding rates.

INTENSIVE TISSUE REPAIR powder can be used for a short term 30 day period to support intensive muscle building and can also be safely fed long term to support extensive body health and muscle development.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Elisha Flach (Melton South, AU)
Muscle max bars

I love this product, my mare is so eager for exercise now as she knows once we are done she gets her delicious bars. We’ve only been using these bars for 3 weeks and have seen some weight and muscle gain

Reece Trueman (Sydney, AU)
Muscle Max Bars

What an amazing product. Has everything in it my horse needs after a good training session
Love it

Sarah Prophet (Sydney, AU)
5 Stars

My horse loves them and I seen results after 2 weeks

Colleen Shields (Brisbane, AU)
My horse goes Gaga for them!

My horse needed a protein boost to help build his bone existent topline, these were exactly what he needed. He drools when he heard the packet open

Laura Hoffman (Melbourne, AU)
Horse loves them!

Super easy to feed and my horse gets so excited after a ride. Have noticed a difference in his top line after a few weeks

Kathy Tew (Brisbane, AU)
Best horse bars

I use these bars on an ageing horse and they work a treat.

Wendy Lawrence (Cessnock, AU)
heidi and boris

i have been using the muscle max bars now for 7 weeks on 2 of my racehorses. the difference between then and now is amazing i am so happy with how both horses have progressed. they have both picked up and build up incredibly the gelding who searches my pocktes looking for his bar after his work every day. he loves them and his transformaton has been amazing to watch. and as for my mare she is a bit more picky to eat but breaking the bar up into bite size pieces she does actually eat them. her transformation physically has changed and is still continuing to change from a light frame to a more thicker set of muscles and i do notice the difference but the mayjor change has been in her head coincidence or not but since being on the bars her mental status has changed amazingly. from a highly strung over keen every thing done at full speed to a calm relaxed easy going to deal with ride.i am so happy with the over all results of the bars. im not game to stop using them. ready to order again before i run out.

Lauren Temple (Sydney, AU)
Awesome product!

My horses love their Muscle Max bars! There is a visible change in their bodies, as well as their minds knowing how happy they are to get their post-ride treat!

Muscle Max Feeding Guide for Horses and Ponies

For best results, feed the Muscle Max Bar to your horse or pony within 15 minutes of completing exercise.

NOTE: To see visible muscle building and conditioning results within three weeks, feed your horse the ‘heavy work’ feeding rate at least three times a week.


Light Work / Lunging

1/2 Muscle Max Bar

Heavy Work / Jumping

1 Muscle Max Bar


Light Work / Lunging

1/4 Muscle Max Bar

Heavy Work / Jumping

1/2 Muscle Max Bar

Intensive Tissue Repair Feeding Guide for Horses and Ponies

Mix Intensive Tissue Repair into horse feed morning and night after horse experiences injury, illness, or surgery to boost their tissue repair and muscle.


Intensive Tissue Repair

2 Scoops (48g)

Young horses (under 2yo) and ponies

Intensive Tissue Repair

1 Scoops (24g)

Feeding Instructions

• Pre-mix Intensive Tissue Repair powder thoroughly with water or wet hard feed ingredients
• Add to daily hard feed and mix thoroughly

• May be split across multiple daily feeds

Introducing Your Horse to Muscle Max Bar

Introduce Muscle Max Bar to your horse when they are relaxing in the yard or stable as you would a treat. Break off small pieces of Muscle Max Bar and hand feed them to horse as you would a sugar cube, allowing the horse to adjust to the texture of the bar. If your horse is still hesitant to eat the Muscle Max Bar, below are a few suggestions to help get your horses to eat the bars:


Break up some very small, sugar cubed-sized pieces of the bar. Mix the piece in your hand with some of their usual pellet feed. Then, hand feed your horse and see if they’re happy to eat the pieces of the bar this way. If they are, then slowly reduce the amount of feed mixed in. Soon, they’ll be eating the bar on its own. If this doesn’t work, try using some liquorice, or another treat you know your horse loves. Cut the treat up the same size as the pieces of the bar and mix them together in your hand, hand feed them again this way.


If your horse won’t eat it from your hand at all. Then leave a few of the small pieces of the bar on top of their feed in their feed bin overnight. In the morning, if the pieces of bar are gone, then you know that they will eat the bar, you just have to train them to eat it from your hand now.


If you have another horse nearby that you know loves the taste of the Muscle Max Bar, feed that horse while yours misses out. If your horse is easily motivated by jealousy then this is an acceptable way to get them to eat the bar.


Soak small pieces of the Muscle Max Bar in warm water. Then, mix the pieces in with a little bit of chaff, making the bar look more like traditional horse feed. Once they eat this and get the taste through their mouth, put some small pieces of unsoaked bar into the mix. See if they’ll eat the unsoaked bar, if they do, then offer the small pieces of bar from your hand.

How our Muscle Max Bar will boost your horse’s performance


Molasses stimulates insulin production which in turn, draws protein into your horse’s muscles. The sweetness of the molasses also makes the bar highly palatable for your horse.


Whey Protein Isolate is the highest quality, natural source of protein available. It’s rich in branched-chain amino acids, which are essential for muscle repair.


L-Glutamine is a major structural component of muscle. It provides the building blocks for muscle building.


Pepitas provide the Muscle Max Bar with a crunchy texture, encouraging your horse to chew.


The sesame seed paste binds the ingredients within the Muscle Max Bar together, making it both a nicer texture for your horse, and a convenient bar.

How our Intensive Tissue Repair will boost your horse’s performance



Muscle Max Bar Nutrient Information

Nutrient Analysis

Serving Size: 120g – 1 Bar
g/ Per 120g Bar
Energy (MJ) 2.22
Protein 54.51
– Total 15.09
– Sugars 29.24
Fibre 2.11
Calcium (mg) 483.77
Sodium (mg) 222.32

Amino Acid Profile

Serving Size: 120g – 1 Bar
Amino Acid g/ Per 120g Bar
L-Glutamine 27.942
Leucine 3.4596
Lysine 2.652
Valine 1.6332
Isoleucine 1.5828
Threonine 1.4352
Phenylalanine 1.236
Methionine 0.702
Tryptophan 0.6888

Intensive Tissue Repair Nutrient Information

Essential Amino Acid Profile

Serving Size: 100g
Amino Acid Per 100g
Leucine 8.54
Isoleucine 4.79
Lysine 6.46
Methionine 2.08
Phenylalanine 3.63
Threonine 5.38
Tryptophan 1.67
Valine 5.04
Histidine 2.00

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