Both the Muscle Max Bar and the Intensive Tissue Repair are true miracles. I have a TB, as you know it hard keeping condition on them. Before starting my horse suffered from constant pain in the shoulders, back and neck due to an old racing injury with a flicker of a hip issue. He could never maintain condition and flexibility regardless of what I did. I started noticing all these changes not long after starting on the bars and ever since my boy hasn’t gone without them. His coat is super shiny and smooth, his rump/back and hips have rounded out. He is pulling up really well after all works out, not having any pain in usual places, no longer mucking up from pain and is beautiful to ride.

These days it’s rare to see any pain or reluctance from him, no matter what I throw at him. As crazy as it sounds he love’s Barrel Racing and of course some jumping, never before with his injuries would I have raced him around 3 small barrels but now there is no stopping him. There is nothing he won’t attempt now all because of Precision Equine. The Intensive Tissue Repair has also made big changes, I noticed it in only 3 days. Re-growth of hair from cuts and scrapes, also the darkening in coat colour is amazing. His attitude has since calmed from his old ways, being a ‘hot’ horse needing force to hold him back and wanting to bite. The racehorse ways have left making him terrific and striving in his life after racing. Forever grateful that this product has been created. To all skeptics out there Precision Equine is the one you need to try, it’s the answer you’ve been searching for. If it works on my very difficult TB then it will work on your horse.


R. Foley, QLD

Products used: Muscle Max Bar & Intensive Tissue Repair