Results in two weeks, eager to train

Results in two weeks, eager to train

"We were looking for complete care for our horses’ muscles, ligaments and tendons to help carry them through to their late ridden years. We also wanted a product that would help my gelding with his recovery from Ross River Fever and my filly with her recovery from a stifle injury. We didn’t just want a band aid solution for our horses, we are big believers that you need great nutrients whether it be for the body structure or the gut for them to compete in the show ring to the best of their ability.

We found that the Precision Equine Muscle Max Bars and Intensive Tissue Repair powder gave us exactly what we were looking for. We started to see results with 2 weeks of starting to feed the products to both of my horses.

My gelding wants to work and no longer gets fatigued, which is a blessing as he suffered really badly from the RRV, the Precision products have been great for his recovery.

My filly isn’t locking up in the stifle at all, her ability to keep to her work program is a relief as she does enjoy her work/learning session and she has recovered from the injury to the point we are now breaking her in for her ridden career.

We noticed both horses were eager to train without fatigue or pain. Their attention span was greater & they seemed to take more into their training session. We also noticed they didn’t need time off in between training sessions as they would need time off in between training days prior to being on the Precision Equine products.

We definitely recommend the Precision Equine products to our clients & friends for their horse’s needs, whether it be for everyday body/muscle health or for the show ring. This is a product that all horses regardless of discipline should be on.

We are very happy & loyal Precision Equine customers for life!"

Tina -
Pitt Town, 2017