The Perfect Post-workout Protein for Horses

MUSCLE MAX BARS are the advanced solution to the challenge of quick and convenient protein supplementation to performance horses immediately after exercise. The muscle repair and building benefit of high-quality protein intake is proven to be most effective when consumed within 15-20 minutes post- exercise.

MUSCLE MAX BARS capitalise on this ideal window of opportunity and eliminates the inconvenience of traditional protein powders that require measuring, mixing with feed or drenching over the tongue. MUSCLE MAX BARS provide powerful essential proteins in a ready to use, highly palatable form that can be fed to horses in only a few seconds. The highly concentrated, all natural and scientifically proven ingredients in MUSCLE MAX BARS ensure that powerful muscle repairing Essential and Branched Chain Amino Acids are available for the recovery and rebuilding of muscle tissue in the immediate post- exercise period.

Specifically designed to provide quick, convenient and highly digestible protein to horses immediately after exercise, MUSCLE MAX BARS are a concentrated source of the Essential and Branched Chain Amino Acids scientifically proven to support muscle recovery and repair after high intensity performance. Each highly palatable Molasses flavoured bar contains over 54g of ready to feed protein – no mixing, no mess, no waste.

How much MUSCLE MAX BAR to Feed

When to Feed Protein to your Horse

Build your horse's Muscle and Topline - Feed your MUSCLE MAX BARS right after exercise. The muscle building results of protein supplements have been shown to be most effective when the horse consumes the protein supplement within 20 minutes of completing exercise.

Supercharge Muscle Stamina - Feed MUSCLE MAX BARS to your horse 30 minutes before commencing strenuous training and performance to delay muscle fatigue and elevate endurance.

Learn more about how feeding protein to your horse at different times works.

How to Introduce MUSCLE MAX BARS

  • 1. Offer in your hand

    1. Offer in your hand

    Break up some very small, sugar cubed-sized pieces of the bar and mix in your hand with some of their usual pellet feed.Hand feed your horse and see if they’re happy to eat the pieces of the bar this way. If they are, then slowly reduce the amount of feed mixed in. Soon, they’ll be eating the bar on its own. If this doesn’t work, try using some liquorice, or another treat you know your horse loves. Cut the treat up the same size as the pieces of the bar and mix them together in your hand, hand feed them again this way.

  • 2. Overnight temptation

    2. Overnight temptation

    If your horse won’t eat it from your hand at all, leave a few of the small pieces of the bar on top of their feed in their feed bin overnight.

    In the morning, if the pieces of bar are gone, then you know that they will eat the bar, you just have to train them to eat it from your hand now.

  • 3. Engage curiosity

    3. Engage curiosity

    If you have another horse nearby that you know loves the taste of the MUSCLE MAX BARS, feed that horse while yours misses out.

    If your horse is easily motivated by curiosity and envy then this is an acceptable way to get them to eat the bar.

  • 4. Soaking

    4. Soaking

    Soak small pieces of the MUSCLE MAX BARS in warm water. Then, mix the pieces in with a little bit of chaff, making the bar look more like traditional horse feed. Once they eat this and get the taste through their mouth, put some small pieces of unsoaked bar into the mix. See if they’ll eat the unsoaked bar, if they do, then offer the small pieces of bar from your hand.

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