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Intensive Tissue Repair 1.35kg

Promote muscle mass gains and tissue healing in your horse with our INTENSIVE TISSUE REPAIR complete Essential Amino Acid feed balancer. Supports optimum skin, muscle, hoof and tissue repair and regeneration after emaciation, injury, surgery or illness.

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Intensive Tissue Repair is a combination of the highest grade of Whey Protein Concentrate and Rice Protein Concentrate. It’s a concentrated source of the proteins your horse needs for optimum skin, hooves, and muscle. This product is perfect for boosting muscle and after-exercise recovery in a healthy horse. It’s also amazing for tissue repair and regeneration, particularly after injury, illness, or surgery.

  • Support tissue repair, recovery, and regeneration
  • Stimulate muscle mass development
  • Promote healthier skin, hooves, and coat
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intensive tissue repair

Product Details

What is Intensive Tissue Repair powder?

INTENSIVE TISSUE REPAIR powder is made from 100% active ingredients with zero fillers and contains over 80% protein. It is a highly concentrated source of the Essential Amino Acids (EAAs) required by the body to build muscle and repair and regenerate damaged tissues.

We have combined pure Whey Protein Concentrate and Rice Protein Concentrate to create a powerhouse protein supplement that stimulates healing of damaged soft tissue and muscle mass development.


When body tissues are injured or damaged the horses nutrient requirements for Essential Amino Acids increase significantly as they are required to construct the protein building blocks for repair and regeneration of damaged tissues. If inadequate amounts of the Essential Amino Acids are provided by the diet healing processes may be delayed and the quality of the new tissue growth may be compromised.  INTENSIVE TISSUE REPAIR powder ensures there is an abundant supply of these EAAs in the horses daily feed intake.


INTENSIVE TISSUE REPAIR powder directly provides the building blocks (amino acids) that muscle is build out of. You can compare this to how houses made from bricks can be build much faster when there is a good supply of bricks but if there are not many bricks available then the house can only be built as fast as the bricks are supplied. Feeding  INTENSIVE TISSUE REPAIR powder is like making sure heaps of new pallets of bricks are delivered to the job site every day.  The mega boost of Essential Amino Acids which INTENSIVE TISSUE REPAIR powder supplies supercharges digestive enzyme production and as a result increases the amount of protein that can be digested and absorbed from the feed your horse is already eating, so you get more muscle building and conditioning without having to increase the amount of hard feed you are feeding out.

Feeding Instructions

Mix Intensive Tissue Repair into horse feed morning and night after horse experiences injury, illness, or surgery to boost their tissue repair and muscle.

Pre-mix Intensive Tissue Repair powder thoroughly with water or wet hard feed ingredients. Add to daily hard feed and mix thoroughly.
May be split across multiple daily feeds.

Is it Competition Safe?

Intensive Tissue Repair is 100% swab safe and competition legal with zero withholding period.

Feeding Guide

Intensive Tissue Repair Ingredients

  • Whey Protein Isolate

    Whey Protein Isolate

    One of the highest quality complete natural protein sources available, often the preferred choice for high protein products recommended by physicians following surgery.

    Easily digested and absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract.

    Contains Lactoferrin which has antimicrobial properties that assist the body’s immune system by blocking bacteria and viruses binding to host cells in the body.

  • Rice Protein Concentrate

    Rice Protein Concentrate

    One of the highest quality vegetable based protein sources available, richer in Arginine and Tyrosine than WPC.

    Contains antioxidants to help the body kill bacteria and fight free radicals associated with muscle and tissue injury that damage healthy cells, and also B complex Vitamins which are required for protein synthesis (tissue building), formation of red blood cells which supply the wound with oxygen and nutrients and ensuring a healthy immune system that is able to fight infection.