MUSCLE MAX BAR gives your horse an instant muscle building and repair boost after training and performance. Packed with highly digestible protein and amino acids to aid muscle recovery and rebuilding. Ideal for horses in all types of work, competition safe, and perfect for older horses who need to build topline.


Build Topline & Muscle

Easy to feed post-workout protein supplement for maximum muscle building

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Our Mega Muscle Builder Pack contains 12 MUSCLE MAX BARS and Intensive Tissue Repair.
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Our customers say

  • I cannot believe the results that we have had with the Muscle Max Bars. He has developed more topline in the 6 weeks of being on Muscle Max Bars than ever before. It is absolutely incredible and he LOVES the taste!

    Madonna H.
  • I want to say thank you guys for such an awesome product! I’ve never seen muscle build so fast in just 2 weeks! It’s made a massive difference and didn’t even make my girl go fizzy at all. She loved the bars to point where I went to give her a carrot instead, she just looked at me and walked away 😂🤷🏼‍♀‍

  • I love the Muscle Max Bars!!! The 33 pack is the best value and totally worth it. My horse has gained incredible muscle and topline from these bars!

    Lizzie R.
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