Topline and Muscle Building Protein Bar for Horses

Topline Building and Muscle Recovery boosting
Protein Bar for Horses inspired by sports nutrition science

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Build and Define Topline

Boost and Strengthen Muscle

Elevate Endurance

Accelerate Muscle Recovery

Your horse is an athlete, give them what they need to perform.


MUSCLE MAX BAR is manufactured in a HACCP certified facility with 100% active, raw ingredients – meaning there are no fillers and no nutrient loss.


MUSCLE MAX BAR is formulated to provide a complete Essential Amino Acid profile and L-Glutamine to give your horses muscles the building blocks they need for maximised muscle mass gains.


MUSCLE MAX BAR is packed full of the 3 Branched Chain Amino Acids that are clinically proven to delay fatigue, support muscle stamina and reduce muscle soreness.

Give your horse the Precision Advantage

Muscle Max Bar

Ultimate equine muscle and topline builder. Feed immediately after exercise for muscle repair, recovery, and strengthening.

Intensive Tissue Repair

Complete Essential Amino Acid feed balancer. Supports optimum skin, muscle, hoof and tissue repair and regeneration after emaciation, injury, surgery or illness

Driven by Results

We're driven by science and results, so all of our products are created and optimised around the results they produce.

Swab Safe

Our products are free of FEI-prohibited ingredients, so they’re completely safe for competing horses.

100% Australian Owned and Made

From ingredients all the way through to packaging and everything in between, we have gone the extra mile to not only be 100% Aussie but as much as possible to source local QLD suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint.

Always Innovating

We know there’s always room for improvement. We’re constantly innovating and improving our products to give you better results.

Extremely happy with our results. Thanks for developing such brilliant products!!


We started to see results with 2 weeks of starting to feed the Precision products. My gelding wants to work and no longer gets fatigued and the products have been great for his recovery.


I’ve never seen muscle build so fast in just 2 weeks! It’s made a massive difference and didn’t even make my girl go fizzy at all.


This was our first time purchasing the Muscle Max bars, but after seeing how quickly they work to build healthy weight and muscle, we will definitely be buying again!

Shannon & Tameika

I love having my horses show ready and it is a fast and effective way to prep them in minimal time. This is the least I have ever had to feed my horses to achieve great results in such a short time.


My poor boy has had a rough trot the past few months dropping 90kgs in 2 weeks after a nasty bout of colic. I personally attribute a large portion of his speedy recovery and ability to be able to build so much muscle in his recovery period to the bars!! He's gone from 415kg to 494kg in the space of a few months and has built so much topline.


Give your equine athlete the MUSCLE MAX BAR taste test

The MUSCLE MAX BAR 3 bar trial pack is the best way to make sure your horse loves the taste of the bar, so you can ‘try before you buy’ a full sized pack and get a 10% discount for your first full sized order.

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