She needed a protein boost

She needed a protein boost

"Hey Team Precision, hope you’re well! Just wanted to send you this. While the photo on the left was taken at the end of Jan this year when I bought her and the photo on the right yesterday, so unfortunately not a ‘6 week improvement’ or anything spectacular length wise it’s still a huge eye opener for me. Still have a bit to go condition wise across the neck and such but I’m sure it’ll come pretty quick/easily with the bars!

Without the Precision Equine products I wouldn’t have been able to give her the protein boost she needed to really start picking up and building muscle. She’s been out of work for over a month due to an injury and just been back in work for maybe 3 weeks now and I couldn’t have bought her back in like I did if it wasn’t for the Muscle Max Bars.

Thanks to the topline she’s building we will actually have a back to put a side saddle on her in August which is super exciting! I’ll need to pop through an order soon. I though I’d run out of bars but found some I must have stashed somewhere when we moved house (much to my horses relief!).

So again, thank you for making such awesome products!"

Stacey, Broadford VIC, 2019