Crucial muscle recovery after strenuous work

Crucial muscle recovery after strenuous work

"While I’ve always made sure my horses received balanced diets and the correct type of work I always found it difficult to build strong, healthy muscle and topline on horses with the protein found in everyday horse feeds.

The Precision Equine products make sure my horses are receiving the all the best superior quality protein and important essential amino acids they need to build the best muscle possible as well as offer crucial muscle recovery after strenuous work or injury.

The above is imperative when it comes to horses who have to carry a side saddle as this can have a few more physical demands than your regular way of riding.

The Muscle Max Bars are super easy and convenient to give pre and post workout without the need to mix into a feed like most other supplements on the market.

The Intensive Tissue Repair Powder is a great everyday feed additive that is palatable and also concentrated enough so as to not add unnecessary bulk to the feed.

The Precision Equine products are a staple go-to in my feed shed!"

- Stacey Rusic