Does your OTTB lack muscle? Take your thoroughbred's Topline to the next level 

Does your OTTB lack muscle? Take your thoroughbred's Topline to the next level 

Changing ex-racehorse's lives, one Muscle Max Bar at a time! Yes, this is the science-backed Topline & Muscle building protein supplement for horses that everyone's talking about. 

Do you have an OTTB that is struggling to build and hold muscle and condition; but high calorie feeds make him hot headed?

Do you want more topline muscle and condition on your thoroughbred, and a happy horse with less reactiveness from muscle soreness and fatigue? 

MUSCLE MAX BAR - Fast working muscle fuel for horses

Muscle Max Bar is the ONLY post-exercise protein bar for horses. Formulated in Australia by a Performance Nutritionist, Muscle Max Bars deliver protein right after exercise to capitalise on the horse's natural anabolic process, and maximise muscle recovery. This is especially important for high energy horses like thoroughbreds, especially if they are extremely light weight after being raced, or failing to hold condition well despite being fed adequate amounts of feed. 

A lightweight thoroughbred may also be 'hotter' than ideal, which makes owners reluctant to switch to a high protein hardfeed blend in case it contributes to fizzy reactive energy. 

Muscle Max Bar delivers a non-heating, extra high quality, all-natural, fast-release protein immediately after exercise to give your thoroughbred exceptional muscle recovery potential. 

Ideal for thoughbreds and OTTB ex-racers who need to build topline muscle and condition, providing accessible protein post workout with Muscle Max Bars will:

  • Target Building Topline Muscle for your thoroughbred
  • Assist Muscle Growth & Repair for overall condition and muscle bulk 
  • Provide superior muscle recovery and physical stamina for equine athletes
  • Reduce Muscle Fatigue and the reactive behaviour that can come with stiff, sore muscles

 Muscle Max Bars are:

  • Fast working and highly effective 
  • Non-heating and non-fizz
  • Ready to feed - no mixing, no mess
  • Swab safe, with HACCP certified production
  • Made with natural protein isolates, no synthetics.

Your thoroughbred can have a great topline, and we believe you will see changes in 3-6 weeks. Start feeding Muscle Max Bar for protein based muscle support after heavy work and jump training, and see the results in the competition arena.


Topline & muscle building results for thoroughbreds with Muscle Max Bars

Over the years we have received stories from owners of thoroughbreds who have come off the track or been rescued from drought conditions. The horses have shown rapid muscle gain through supplementation with Muscle Max Bars for high quality muscle building protein. There are more stories on our reviews page but here are a few changes that occurred within a month of using Muscle Max Bars.


"Thank you so much for your amazing products! Another of our horses thriving thanks to the Intensive Tissue Repair powder and Muscle Max Bars!! This guy was straight off-the-track in the first photo and within only a month he has built so much roundness and the hindquarter he has built is amazing 💙💎💪🏻🤩" - Shannon

After 4 weeks:


"‘Nero’ is a fairly young OTTB. Last summer, Nero got a pretty debilitating bout of Rye Grass Staggers and I’ve since not been able to redevelop his muscles enough to progress with him before using Muscle Max. 

The instant delivery of protein at the time that he needs it has been exactly what we were after and now he is a powerful, willing young horse with a very bright future. With less than 3 weeks between photos, the muscle transformation particularly around his shoulder is clear, and he is a far nicer colour now!" - Julia

3 Weeks on Muscle Max Bars:


"Thank you so much for such an awesome product! In 3 weeks the Muscle Max Bars have made a big difference already, he’s getting a more rounded bum and his topline is building really well!

Usually takes me ages to get his muscle back after a break!! I’m excited to see how much more improvement he has in his muscle tone and his energy!" - Chloe

After 3 weeks:


"After just 3 weeks of feeding half a Muscle Max Bar after each workout he went from a skinny and under muscled OTT Thoroughbred to having so much more coverage over his rump and ribs!! He absolutely loves his Muscle Max Bars and looks for them post ride!" - Abby

3 week's change:


"Frankie came to us in drought conditions and for a big guy at 17hh building up his topline and muscles were so important to us to get him back to a healthy condition.

Through a good diet and the Intensive Tissue Repair powder and Muscle Max Bars this guys condition picked up within as little as a few days and we noticed an outstanding difference with only light work in the first couple of weeks to help build him up.

Within a month this guy was back to looking like a million dollars again. The high quality protein in the Precision products helped him develop muscle and topline again and also helped with previous muscle concerns he had experienced.

So THANK YOU Precision Equine for helping this guy progress so much within the last month." - Shannon

A month of Muscle Max Bars:


"I’m beyond happy with the muscle building results my 9yo OTTB has achieved on the the Mega Muscle builder pack, with such little effort too. I used the powder was on and off and I’ve only used 3 of the bars.

Super light training as well. This is his muscle development over a month. Extremely happy with our results. Thanks for developing such brilliant products!!" - Kathryn

One month's progress: